We design solutions
for development
of Mumbai

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Our principles

The ideas that guide the decisions we make

Solve real problems

We solve problems that real people have, we make sure what we build works for them, and we continuously improve it.

Work with, not for the people

We start with our users, the people affected by the service, and understand and respect their needs throughout the process.

We build up

From the user to the system, and from idea to product

Work lean, iterate quickly

Get a working minimum viable product (MVP) in front of users as early as possible and make continuous improvements based on how they use the service.

We welcome everyone

We work in the open and collaborate with the community to help make programs and services better for everyone.

Impact not ideology

We focus on our work and are not aligned with ideology with any political party.
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The way we want to develop the city

To solve problems and inculcate an attitude of problem solving and development amongst the citizens of Mumbai with collaborative support of each other.


To improve the Quality of life of all the citizens of the city.

To ensure ecological and sustainable development of the city.

To find problems faced by the common citizens in their daily life and tackle them.

To encourage and harness young talent to form a community based approach.

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Project Domains

We will be solving problems from these areas

We are doing a little of this
and a little of that…


Health & Safety

Solving problems in the field of Health and safety will help us live Safe, Healthy and Quality life in our City.


Whether we are travelling to go to Work, College, or just a picnic we all face problems in reaching our destinations.


Mumbai is now a forest, but made of concrete, bricks and cement instead of trees and plants.


Each and every individual has a purpose to fulfill, its all about giving them the right opportunity to work.

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We are all because of our supporters !!!

Learn together, Teach together, Build Together.