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Health | Safety

Solving problems in the field of Health and safety will help us live Safe and Quality life in our City.


Whether we are travelling to go to Work, College, or just a picnic we all face problems in reaching our destinations.


Mumbai is now a forest, but made of concrete, bricks and cement instead of trees and plants.


Each and every individual has a purpose to fulfill, its all about giving them the right opportunity to work.

About Us

We’re the citizens of Mumbai
working for the development of the city

One many alone cannot change the world, but together we all can.

  • To improve the Quality of life of all the citizens of the city.
  • To ensure ecological and sustainable development of the city.
  • To find problems faced by the common citizens in their daily life and tackle them
  • To encourage and harness young talent to form a community based approach.

To solve problems and inculcate an attitude of problem solving and development amongst the citizens of Mumbai with collaborative support of each other.

Our Processes

We follow processes to make our work simple


  • Identify the problem
  • Research
  • Think of solution


  • Wireframing
  • Designing
  • Feedback


  • Update the design
  • Build the model
  • Test the model


  • Launch
  • Reach the audience
  • Update and Improvise
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