Projects with Enroot Mumbai

Our Recent Projects

We aim to solve problems with these projects, but even if don't we will still keep trying, the goal is to make people more social sensitive and proactive in solving problems.

Let India Breathe

Project with:Let India Breathe Team

Team:Cannot be disclosed


A portal to make the voice of citizens reach the authorities. With the advent of technology, we can now speak to the authorities about our problems. Even collectively. Although some people might claim so, the site and the idea is not an initiative of any political party, we will fight any party that comes to power and does not listen to its citizens.

Ek Se Anek

Project with:Vesac India

Team:Sarvesh Warge, Ankit Gupta & Harsh Vitra

Status:On Hold

Collecting plastic waste from root level and recycling it. A portal for the citizens to chanellize and orgnaize the collection of plastic waste and making sure that it reaches the recyling plant.


Project with:Aasra

Team:Bobby Doshi

Status:Not Maintained

India has the highest suicide rate in the South-East Asian region, according to the World Health Organization latest report. India also had the third-highest female suicide rate in the world after Lesotho and Republic of Korea.The scale of suicides is frightening and highlights the rather taboo topic of Mental Health related problems among the public. This project is our small contribution towards providing extensive Suicide Prevention resources to ameliorate the situation.

Blind Handicap Social Org

Project with:Blind Handicap Social Org

Team:Prem Raval


Blind Handicap Social Organization is a not for profit Org which empowers Blind individuals to earn a livelihood using their skills. This initiative focuses on empower the whole community of specially abled people step by step with focus on Vision Impairment & Blindness.

Global Parli

Project with:Global Parli

Team:Sarvesh Warge, Shweta Chauhan, Ankit Gupta & Harsh Vitra


Global Parli is a mission of nation building through rural revival and empowerment of the villages of India. The project aims to deliver a replicable model of 360-degree development.

Covid 19 Maharashtra Tracker

Team:Harsh Vitra, Meet Shah, Tejas Sonar, Rahul Bharade, Rajat Bopalkar, Ashutosh Deshmukh & Rohan Shetty


A multilingual website for providing info on COVID-19 for Maharashtra. It shows tracking of COVID-19 and also essential services in Maharashtra in 3 different languages i.e English, Hindi and Marathi.

Mayank Gandhi Portfolio

Team:Harsh Vitra & Sarvesh Warge


Portfolio site for Mayank Gandhi a Social Activist from India. The website shows his journey of Nation Building and working for the upliftment of the underprivileged & dedicated towards growth of the country.

Saplings for Farmers

Team:Sarvesh Warge, Amit Prajapati, Saurabh Sopankar, Rikesh Kamra & Harsh Vitra


Web app customized regionally and locally for farmers to buy saplings and receive knowledge about planting fruit trees for Maharashtra.

DIY Ventilator Design

Team:Meet Shah

Status:In Progress

A portable and a low cost ventilator machine that provides well regulated and controlled air for artificial breathing to the patients.

Creating Abilities

Team:Prem Raval, Sarvesh Warge, Harsh Vitra & Umang Sharma


A global organization established with a mission to uplift and support the specially-abled citizens around the world by providing them with an environment and resources to grow and be self sustainable.